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How to Subscribe

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Subscription Options

Eventtransfer.createdWhen a new transfer is created
transfer.deletedWhen a transfer is deleted (due to a re-organization of blocks)
transfer.*All transfer events (created and updated)
FiltersaddressFilter to one or more contracts (e.g. 0x8d04a8c79ceb0889bdd12acdf3fa9d207ed3ff63)
fromFilter to one or more from maker (e.g. 0xF296178d553C8Ec21A2fBD2c5dDa8CA9ac905A00)
toFilter to one or more to takers (e.g. 0xF296178d553C8Ec21A2fBD2c5dDa8CA9ac905A00)

Example Payload

    "event": "transfer.created",
    "tags": {
        "address": "0xbbc86e700e72d50fba598d4e76b1c749291f0cd5",
        "from": "0xcda72070e455bb31c7690a170224ce43623d0b6f",
        "to": "0x6494c47f9bf8aee68ae323d0332fe1de7c8c19a4"
    "data": {
      	"id": "b78a1ed937c7dfddedd27ee13934c7af852e78a119475502b64de96482be90ca",
        "token": {
            "contract": "0xbbc86e700e72d50fba598d4e76b1c749291f0cd5",
            "tokenId": "6"
        "from": "0xcda72070e455bb31c7690a170224ce43623d0b6f",
        "to": "0x6494c47f9bf8aee68ae323d0332fe1de7c8c19a4",
        "amount": "1",
        "block": 17331814,
        "txHash": "0x2a97c308692dd6d88becf501a26c9181ab9557ce32c43f9eab70a0c6670c25b7",
        "logIndex": 247,
        "batchIndex": 1,
        "timestamp": 1684964939
    "published_at": 1684964944109,
    "type": "event",
    "status": "success"