Supported Marketplaces

When using Reservoir for your infrastructure, out of the box you'll get distribution and aggregation immediately onto your platform. Explore where orders are natively distributed just by using Reservoir, or see where we pull orders from across the NFT ecosystem.


Building with Reservoir will automatically distribute your orders to these high volume platforms. Your platform will also have access to all orders created on the marketplaces below and more.

MarketplaceAll CollectionsListingsToken OffersCollection OffersAttribute OffersChains Supported
OpenSea ProEthereum
Magic EdenEthereum, Polygon
Coinbase NFTEthereum, Polygon, Base
MintifyEthereum, Blast, Base
Zoran/an/an/aEthereum, Base, Zora, Optimism
AlienSwapEthereum, Base, Linea
mint.funn/aEthereum, Optimism, Base, Zora
ENS Vision❌* (ens only)Ethereum
Sansa❌* (artblocks collections)Ethereum
Sound❌* (limited collections)Ethereum


Reservoir aggregates from all major marketplaces. Builders can access orders for the platforms below just by building with our APIs, SDK, or ReservoirKit. The available order types and supported chains are listed below.

MarketplaceListingsToken OffersCollection OffersAttribute OffersChains SupportedProtocol
OpenSea✅ *Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Zora, BaseSeaport
Magic EdenEthereum, PolygonPayment Processor
MintifyEthereum, Polygon, BaseSeaport & Payment Processor
Coinbase NFTn/an/aEthereum, Polygon, Base0x v4
Rariblen/aEthereum, PolygonRarible
Zoran/an/an/aEthereum, Base, Zora, OptimismZora Asks 1.1
Blur✅ *n/a✅ *EthereumBlur
OKXn/aEthereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Binance, Linea, zkSync, Polygon zkEVMseaport
Elementn/aPolygon, Linea, Binance Smart Chain, zkSync, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Base, Scrollelement-erc721/ element-erc1155

*Due to high volume of spam, only OpenSea token offers within 20% of floor are ingested
*Blur protocol has some limitations detailed here
n/a denotes the platform doesn't support

Reservoir Ecosystem

There are hundreds marketplaces, wallets and other NFT applications building within the Reservoir Ecosystem. Check out the full list of supported marketplaces active on Ethereum and Polygon below: