Supported Marketplaces


Reservoir aggregates both ask and bid liquidity from all major marketplaces. However, due to the various complexities of each protocol, there are some limitations.

MarketplaceListingsToken OffersCollection OffersProtocol *:white-check-mark:Seaport v4 Asks 1.1 *n/a:white-check-mark: *Blur

*Due to high volume of spam, only OpenSea token offers within 20% of floor are ingested
*Blur protocol has some limitations detailed here

Market Makers

It's possible for Market Makers to push liquidity directly into Reservoir without an associated marketplace. In those cases, the "source" for the orders will be indicating that they used the Reservoir API.

Community Marketplaces

Reservoir also allows community marketplaces to built directly on top of our aggregated order book, either with Reservoir's open-source marketplace UI, or a variety of marketplace-building platforms (e.g. Snag, FirstMate, Mobo, PerkShop)

CommunityMarketplaceBuilt With
Forgotten Runesforgotten.marketCustom
Gmoneygmoney.marketMarketplace V1
Finiliarfiniliar.comMarketplace V1
Chimperschimpers.xyzMarketplace V1
GodHatesNFTeesmarketplace.godhatesnftees.comMarketplace V1
65296529memes.marketMarketplace V1
InBetweenersmarketplace.inbetweeners.ioMarketplace V1
Lazy Ape Yacht Clubmarketplace.lazyapeyachtclub.comSnag
Genuine Undeadportal.genuineundead.ioSnag
Los Muertosmarketplace.los-muertos.ioSnag
Pirates of the Metaversemarketplace.piratesnft.ioSnag
Zombie Apesmarketplace.zombieapes.ioSnag
OnChainBirdsbuy.onchainbirds.comMarketplace V1
thric3join.thric3.ioMarketplace V1
Dead Birds Societyunderground.deadbirds.ioMarketplace V1
Techie Clubmarket.techieclub.coFirstMate
Bubblegum Kidsmarket.bubblegumkids.comMarketplace V1
Goldfinchlark.marketMarketplace V1
Quirkiesmarketplace.quirkies.ioMarketplace V1
Eyeversemarketplace.eyeverse.worldMarketplace V1
Triciltricil.artMarketplace V1
R Planetmarketplace.rplanetnft.xyzSnag
Froggy Friendsmarketplace.froggyfriendsnft.comSnag
Citizens of Tajigenmarketplace.tajigen.xyzSnag


Currently, Reservoir only supports instant liquidity. This means we supports fixed priced listings and Dutch Auctions (Seaport only). We don't support English Auctions, however in some cases we still record sales from auctions (see below)

Sales / Mint Events

In addition to ingesting liquidity, Reservoir parses sale data for the following protocols: