ReservoirKit (React)

ReservoirKit lets you build a React app easily using Reservoir

Built using Reservoir’s aggregated liquidity, ReservoirKit provides easy to use react hooks, UI and UI logic to simplify the React development experience.



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ReservoirKit is built on top of the Reservoir SDK which provides core actions and handles the logic for creating and executing NFT orders. On top of the SDK, ReservoirKit provides:

React Hooks

React hooks let you use state and other React features without writing classes. ReservoirKit provides hooks for actions like getting tokens from a collection (useTokens), getting collection activity (getCollectionActivity) and many more. Learn more about the ReservoirKit hooks here.


ReservoirKit provides modals for common market actions that are simple to configure. You can configure the modals and use them out of the box, or customize them. Since the modals are headless, they are fully customizable. There are models for buying tokens, adding tokens to a cart, and many more here.


  • Instant buy with aggregated liquidity
  • Optional referrer fee
  • Listing on all major marketplaces
  • Customizable UI with desktop and mobile support
  • Automatic handling of transaction approval steps
  • Balance checks and error handling
  • Suspicious token warnings
  • Multi-buy
  • Cart management
  • Token management


Ready to get started?

Now that we understand the basics, let's Install and configure ReservoirKit.