API Key & Rate Limits

The Reservoir Hosted API is designed to have as few limits as possible, while also putting basic protections in place to prevent abuse.

In a nutshell, there's no use-case that it should not support, and if you're running into rate limits, we will work closely with you to either improve your querying pattern or increase your limit.

Rate Limits (Starting October 1st)

No Key

60 Requests Per Minute (1 RPS)
Suitable for basic testing and small client-side apps

Instant API Key

Request Instant API Key here.

240 Requests Per Minute (4 RPS)
Immediately create your own key, and query at a higher rate

Verified API Key

Request Verified API Key here. (Must have Instant API Key)

600+ Requests Per Minute (10+ RPS)
After we review your details, we will raise you to a higher limit (typically within a week)

Monitoring Usage


You to check the global and per route limits that apply to your key here.


Each API response includes 3 headers to help you keep track of your limits:
x-ratelimit-limit = limit for this route
x-ratelimit-remaining = amount remaining
x-ratelimit-reset = timestamp when counter resets