NFT Data Overview

Real-time and historical NFT market data and metadata

Get real-time NFT data including ownership data, transactions and transfers, market data, and collection and token metadata.

Available Data:

  • Token data - Token metadata and market data including floor prices and top bids, flagged token status, and royalty compliance
  • Collection data - Search for collections, get collection information and metadata, get for users' collections, or create a custom collection set
  • Order data - bids and asks filtered by token, collection or maker
  • Price event data - Events for changes in token and collection floor prices and top bids
  • Activity data - Recent and historical activity events such as mints, bids, asks, sales and transfers by collection, token or user.
  • Sales data - Recent and historical sales for a contract or token
  • Transfer data - Recent and historical NFT transfers
  • Attribute data - Collection attribute data including counts, floor prices and top bids
  • Ownership data - a variety of ownership data endpoints including collection ownership, owner distribution, and cross collection ownership.
  • Market statistics - Daily collection volumes and users' total bid liquidity
  • Marketplace source data - Marketplace sources for attributing orders to specific marketplaces