The Reservoir Oracle enables access to Reservoir’s comprehensive aggregated NFT prices in on-chain applications and protocols.

Available Data

In the current Alpha release, you can get the collection floor price for any NFT contract on Ethereum, with the following options:

Methodology: Spot, 24hr TWAP, Upper (max(Spot,TWAP)) or Lower (min(Spot,TWAP))
Currency: ETH, WETH or USDC


The Oracle supports two modes, depending on the type of data that you need:

On-Demand > Bring floor prices for ANY collection on-chain when users take actions
Feeds > Access regularly published floor data for the most popular NFT collections

Each mode has a different usage flow, which are outlined below:


In most-cases, we recommend using On-Demand oracle updates. These have the following advantages:

  • Flexibility to support any NFT collection, pricing methodology or currency
  • Get fresh updates whenever users take actions

On-demand updates effectively “piggyback” user transactions, with the following flow:

  • User takes an action in a Dapp
  • Dapp requests a price update from the Oracle API in the background
  • Dapp builds the users’ transaction, including the signed Oracle update
  • User signs and submits the transaction
  • Contract validates the Oracle update, and processes user transaction

The signed message format is based on TrustUs, with some minor modifications.


The following examples are available:

Create collection-wide bids with dynamic pricing relative to the collection floor

Simple example that saves the results of on-demand oracle updates

Same as above, using the EIP3668: Secure offchain data retrieval standard

Example Chainlink-compatible price feed