Setting Custom Source Metadata

By default Reservoir will automatically create source metadata for every new source that creates or fills an order. However it is possible to overwrite these defaults by setting your own custom source metadata using Reservoir meta tags.

The reservoir:title meta tag should map to a human readable marketplace name. If nothing is provided then the domain is used instead.

<meta property="reservoir:title" content="Reservoir Marketplace" />

Use the reservoir:icon meta tag to override the icon that the reservoir orderbook uses to display your marketplace logo. If nothing is provided then the favicon is used by default.


The reservoir:token-url-x meta tag is used to provide a url for the indexer to the correct token page. It can either be an absolute or a relative url. Replace x with the name of your chain (mainnet, goerli etc). This api returns the supplied url: Redirect response to the given source token page


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