ReservoirKit is a developer toolkit for buying, selling and managing NFTs.

Built using Reservoir’s aggregated liquidity, ReservoirKit provides the best token prices across all major marketplaces and enables your users to purchase without ever leaving your app.

ReservoirKit is comprised of two packages that can be leveraged depending on your use case:

  • ReservoirKit Client - Provides core actions and handles logic for executes steps. Can be used by both frontend and backend javascript applications/servers.
  • ReservoirKit UI - ReservoirKit Client with additional hooks, UI and UI logic


  • Instant buy with aggregated liquidity
  • Optional referrer fee
  • Listing on all major marketplaces
  • Customizable UI with desktop and mobile support
  • Automatic handling of transaction approval steps
  • Balance checks and error handling
  • Suspicious token warnings

Coming soon:

  • Multi-buy
  • Cart management
  • Token management


Ready to get started?

Now that we understand the basics, let's install and configure ReservoirKit.