Enable Normalized Royalties

Reservoir's Normalized Royalties enables developers to automatically repair aggregated orders from non-royalty compliant marketplaces by calculating the missing royalties and adding them on top.

How does it work?

For supported exchanges we calculate the missing royalty by comparing the royalty fee included in the order to the default royalty. The default royalty is the maximum royalty across all royalty standards we support (eg. OpenSea off-chain royalties and the royalty registry). If normalizeRoyalties is enabled Reservoir will automatically return the new price of token with missing royalties added on top.

Currently normalizeRoyaltywill impact orders from OpenSea, LooksRare and X2Y2. As we add additional non-royalty compliant exchanges they will automatically support normalized royalties (eg. Sudoswap and Blur).

How do I enable Normalized Royalties?

Via ReservoirKit

If you are using ReservoirKit UI or ReservoirKit Client packages, they can both be configured to normalizeRoyalties globally or on a case by case basis. These changes will impact everything from the hooks to the execution of orders.

Via APIs

If you are using our APIs you can add the normalizeRoyalties parameter to configure getting orders/pricing information with normalized royalties. Here are the supported endpoints: