NFT Liquidity Protocols

Use Reservoir to get distribution of your protocol's liquidity to major marketplaces

Integrating your protocol into Reservoir means your orders can get picked up across major marketplaces that are integrated with Reservoir, including Opensea Pro.

Why is liquidity distribution important?

For team that are building marketplace or liquidity protocols, getting orders distributed to major market centers is vital. When orders are created, it is important that they go to places that where they may be filled. Furthermore, for liquidity protocols, getting order distribution means that you can focus on the UX of liquidity provision, rather than on building and maintaining a marketplace front end as well. When you integrate your marketplace into Reservoir, your orders will automatically get distributed to:

  • Opensea Pro
  • NFTNerds
  • Zora
  • Escher
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • And 150 + other marketplaces and applications using Reservoir.

How to get distribution for your protocol's liquidity

The Reservoir indexer is open-source, and teams are encouraged to add their protocol to the ecosystem directly. To do so, you can follow the guide on how to Integrate your protocol into Reservoir, or reach out here.