Metadata Engine


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By default, Reservoir pulls in the on-chain data for every collection but sometimes there are things that are missing. Maybe a Noun has a birthday when it was auctioned. Maybe there is a particular trait that emerges from the community. In order to handle these cases we've created a metadata service that allows communities to merge their own data in with defaults. You can fetch from a subgraph, a json file or whatever data source you need to fully express your collection. New attributes will be able to be filtered and bid on just like one of the on-chain attributes.

You have a few options when updating the metadata. you can extend the metadata by updating and returning the metadata we've fetched or you can write a custom script to completely replace the metadata retrieval process.

You can technically create your own version of the metadata server but the easiest way to get started is to submit a pull request to the metadata repo and we'll take care of the running it and refreshing the data.