Reservoir Tools

Reservoir's complete suite of APIs, SDKs and UI Kits. Low-level tooling that lets you focus on your product’s strengths by abstracting the complexity of interacting with the NFT market.

Reservoir's marketplace toolkit is a modular set of tools that allows you to interact with the NFT market at the appropriate level of abstraction for your application. The basic components of the toolkit are:

Reservoir APIs provide all-in-one endpoints for building NFT applications. The NFT trading APIs allow you to trade NFTs across major NFT marketplaces and create your own orderbook with advanced order types and custom fees. The NFT data APIs provide granular token price data, real-time collection floor price and top bid events, token and collection metadata, and more. The API is wrapped in an easy -to-use TS/JS SDK with performant methods.

Learn more about our NFT Trading & Data APIs here.

ReservoirKit is a React library that makes it easy to add marketplace functionality into your project. The kit has out of the box and customizable (headless) modals for major market actions, as well as a series of useful hooks to simplify development.

Learn more about ReservoirKit here.

Reservoir's open-source marketplace is a NextJS app that you can fork and use freely as a stand alone marketplace or a base for building something more custom and unique. You can checkout our fully-functional reference deployment here.

Learn more about our the Open-source Marketplace here.