Marketplace Fees & Royalties

Each marketplace that Reservoir supports has different rules around fees and royalties. Below is a summary:



Collection enforces blocklistMin RoyaltyMax Royalty
YesCreator configured amountCreator configured amount
No0.5%Creator configured amount

Marketplace Fee

Collection volumeRoyalty >= 0.5%Royalty < 0.5%
LowFee = 0.5%Fee = 0.5%
HighFee = 0Fee = 0.5%-Royalty

Note: There are no clear guidelines as to what qualifies as “low volume”, so we lookup and cache the marketplace fee per collection when you use our List API.


LooksRare has a fixed total fee of 2%. If a collection has royalties configured, 0.5% goes to the creator, and 1.5% to protocol. Otherwise, the whole 2% goes to protocol.


X2Y2 has a fixed protocol fee of 0.5%, and enforces creator configured royalties. Note that creators need to explicitly set royalties on X2Y2 for them to be applied