Market Making

Reservoir's aggregated liquidity and easy-to-use APIs make it a useful tool for market makers in the NFT ecosystem who want to quickly and effectively provide liquidity across NFT markets. Reservoir provides the tools to understand the market, create robust trading strategies, and create and publish orders. Market makers can publish orders to the Reservoir ecosystem and other major NFT marketplaces using Reservoir's tooling.

Understanding the market:

Reservoir’s Data and Analytics APIs enable makers to access robust market data in order to understand the NFT market holistically, including data regarding:

  • Real-time and historical activity including listings, bids, transfers, sales and cancellations across marketplaces
  • Historical daily volume and sales
  • Floor price changes (including non-flagged collection floors)
  • Top bid changes
  • Flagged status changes

Creating Liquidity:

Market makers can use the Reservoir API or the Reservoir SDK (JS/TS/Node) to create liquidity both directly into the Reservoir ecosystem and into other major marketplaces (OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2). In doing so, market makers have programmatic control over their orders including:

  • Programmatically buying, listings, bidding, instantly selling, and cancelling orders
  • Creating orders on custom token sets (i.e. bid on non-flagged tokens only, or a custom trait)
  • Pushing orders to major marketplaces from single SDK.
  • Control of order fees
  • Interaction with innovative liquidity protocols like the Forward Protocol

You can learn more about how to trade programmatically below.


Learn more about Programmatic Trading with Reservoir