Instant Bridging

Relay is the fastest and cheapest way to bridge & transact across chains

What is Relay?

Relay is a gas-minimized, lightning fast cross-chain payments system. The goal of Relay is cheaper, faster, and more flexible payments that let you transact on more chains. Under the hood, Relay's cross-chain tech is powered by relaying. Check out a demo.

When they wants to “bridge” from Chain A to Chain B using Relay, the user makes a payment to a relayer on chain A in exchange for a payment from the relayer on chain B. For more complex execution on chain B, they must simply tell the relayer what they want delivered (or executed) on chain B. This model results in low-cost, low-latency (1-10 seconds) cross-chain transactions. Today, Relay enables both Instant Bridging and Cross-chain Execution on supported chains.

How it Works

Relay's instant bridging is powered by cross-chain relaying. This model results in low-cost, low-latency (1-10 seconds) cross-chain transactions. Today, users of Relay work with a trusted third-party provider for cross-chain relaying, such as Reservoir. Third parties escrow funds and take on reputational risk, in the case of cross-chain disputes.

Integrating Instant Bridging

To get started make sure that you install and configure the Reservoir SDK or ReservoirKit (which exposes a client that you can tap into using the useReservoirClient hook). In this example we’ll be using the Reservoir SDK. Ensure that everything is configured properly before moving on to implementing the call action.

import { getClient, Execute } from "@reservoir0x/reservoir-sdk";
import { createWalletClient, http } from 'viem'


wallet = createWalletClient({
  account: address,
  transport: http()

//A simple bridge requires no data, so 0x (null data) is provided
//In this example we're bridging from zora to base

  chainId: 7777777, //This is not required as the call action will use the active configured chain
  toChainId: 8453,
  txs: [{
    to: "0x03508bB71268BBA25ECaCC8F620e01866650532c",
   	value: "1000000",
    data: "0x"
  wallet: wallet,
  onProgress: (steps) => {

Adding Relay to Your Chain

Relay can easily be added to any EVM-chain, such as OP stack rollups, Arbitrum Orbit chains, or more. Please feel free to reach out or email us to discuss getting your chain supported today!