Learn how to leverage Reservoir's NFT trading infrastructure to build your web3 game

Reservoir provides feature-rich NFT marketplace infrastructure, enabling game developers and platforms to build custom NFT marketplaces and seamlessly add buying, selling, and minting directly into games.

Leveraging Reservoir in Web3 Games

  • NFT Trade Execution - Source and fill aggregated NFT listings & bids from major marketplaces across EVM chains.
  • Hosted Orderbook - Create your own NFT orderbook with full functionality without having to worry about routing or gas optimization. Use the exchange of your choice, including Seaport or Payment Processor.
  • Custom Fees - Add custom fees into orders and add fees on top of any aggregated listings or bids.
  • Custom Chain Indexing - Use Reservoir on your appchain, ensuring flexibility and scalability tailored to your game's needs.
  • NFT Minting - Let users mint directly out of your gaming marketplace or in-game experience.
  • Royalty Enforcement - Normalize royalties on any order or leverage ERC721C and payment processor to build royalty enforcement into your contracts.

In Game Buying & Selling

Reservoir allows games to add NFT marketplace functionality directly into game experiences. Build an in-game marketplace, onboard your users directly in your app, or add trading into gameplay without having to link out to external marketplaces.

Browser Based Experiences

For games that are building an in-browser experience, our suggestion is to utilize our SDK or ReservoirKit (React) tools. Leveraging these will allow for a seamless trading experience.

Unity and Unreal Engine Games

For those who are building games with Unity or Unreal Engine, currently we suggest to use our hosted APIs to build with Reservoir. If you are building through Unity or Unreal Engine, and are looking for Reservoir binding support for those engines, please reach out.

Custom Gaming Marketplaces

Build a custom marketplace for your game to allow users to buy and sell assets without leaving the game experience.

Using Reservoir Tools

Developers can start building with Reservoir through many different layers. To effectively leverage Reservoir to build a custom marketplace, we recommend you use either:

  • Reservoir SDK (JS/TS/Node): An abstracted SDK for interacting with the NFT market. All the function of the Reservoir API wrapped into easily-to-use, performant methods.
  • ReservoirKit (React): a react library that makes it easy to add marketplace functionality and UI into your project. ReservoirKit is a react library that wraps the Reservoir SDK, so its less of a choice between these two and more a choice of whether you would like to use UI kit components in your application.

Learn more about building a Custom Marketplace.

Connect to a Reservoir Partner

Reservoir has partnerships with various companies that specialize in crafting bespoke marketplace solutions atop the Reservoir stack. By linking out to these verified partners, game developers and platforms can access a plethora of tailored solutions, ensuring that their NFT marketplace is not only functional but also distinct and optimized for their specific needs. Please contact us to reach our partners!