Data & Analytics

Access real-time and historical market data, including sales, orders, and metadata

Reservoir offers developers easy access to real-time and historical market data for NFTs. The data can be integrated into data platforms or analytics applications. Integrating with Reservoir provides your users a comprehensive view of the entire market and the ability to make informed decisions about market conditions.

How to Access Reservoir's NFT Data

There are three main ways to access Reservoir's data:

  1. Reservoir API- an all-in-one NFT data and liquidity API. Get access to all the data you need to contextualize the market. Best for real time and near historical data.
  2. Sync with Reservoir- Use Reservoir’s data endpoints to sync your database directly with Reservoir.
  3. Reservoir's Dune Dataset- Leverage Dune’s user-friendly dashboard interface to query Reservoir data.

Available Data

You can access rich data using the above methods that includes both NFT market data and metadata. Learn more about the available data here.