Core Components

There are several core components that make the Reservoir Protocol possible:

Data Lake : A low cost repository for storing "off-chain" orders on-chain. This ensures permissionless data availability of all liquidity, and global consensus over when it was provided.

Aggregated Orderbook: An aggregated and filtered view of all available liquidity. Normalizes different formats (e.g. single token order vs multi token pool) and sources (e.g. Open Sea vs Rarible) into a single universal standard that is easy to build on top of.

Indexer: A node that takes care of reading from and writing to the Data Lake and reconstructing the Aggregated Orderbook

Reservoir API: A simple interface for interacting with the Reservoir Aggregated Orderbook.

Metadata Engine: A flexible system for indexing NFT metadata, that supports community enhancements (rarity scores, new attributes, dependencies, etc)