Custom ERC-20 Support

Reservoir enables users to create and fill orders in any ERC-20 token, however some custom ERC-20 tokens require special handling in our indexer.

To add support for your custom ERC-20 Token follow these steps below:

  1. Add your custom token details here
            "0xceb726e6383468dd8ac0b513c8330cc9fb4024a8", // MUST BE LOWERCASE
              contract: "0xceb726e6383468dd8ac0b513c8330cc9fb4024a8",
              name: "Worms",
              symbol: "WORMS",
              decimals: 18,
              metadata: { // OPTIONAL
  1. Submit a PR and add the reservoirprotocol/backend team as a reviewer.
  2. Once our team has reviewed and merged the PR, the token will be supported.