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OpenSea User Lookup

Endpoint to put in an OpenSea Address and get returned with their Username and other details like if they have a Twitter linked etc. This used to be an endpoint with Module but was removed. I would love to see this added!

Can we get an endpoint for new collections discovered

I need to know when new collections have been added so I add them to my app. Right now they only way I have to get new collections is to get all collections and check which ones I didn't have already


Hi, Thank you for your API. I'm trying to use /execute/buy/v4 with the following request curl --request POST \ --url https://api-rinkeby.reservoir.tools/execute/buy/v4 \ --header 'Accept: */*' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --header 'x-api-key: 78d46c89-191f-5256-ab47-31eafbd504c0' \ --data ' { "tokens": [ "0x46bef163d6c470a4774f9585f3500ae3b642e751:606" ], "onlyPath": false, "feesOnTop": [ "0xF296178d553C8Ec21A2fBD2c5dDa8CA9ac905A00:100" ], "partial": true, "skipBalanceCheck": true, "taker": "0xeD124fc1Ab7D15475409A21F5626a57e57EdF341", "forceRouter": true, "source": "reservoir.market" } ' I got transaction data for transaction - but when I send it, transaction failes https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0xe7c8a5dfc335614083932ba740c7ae7648bcb2b7eead36bb65e46f9171f658f5 What do I wrong? I'm also a bit confused with the first step: { "action": "Approve exchange contract", "description": "A one-time setup transaction to enable trading", "kind": "transaction", "items": [] }, How can I approve exchange contract? May be it is the problem? Thanks in advance, BR Stas

Get a single NFT activity by transaction hash or by uuid


Support on chain royalty (EIP-2981)

Currently we pull the royalty from OpenSea's api would be nice to use on chain royalty data

Sell modal

Would be great to access aggregated liquidity for users who want to sell their NFTs

Attributes Refresh

Is there a way to force a refresh of attribute data? I'm getting incomplete lists returned.

Show tokens that failed during sweep

Can we get a response during the sweep call (buy multiple tokens) that shows which tokens did not have orders? It would be great to get other info along with this like if any of the tokens currently have a processing order on chain.

Pub sub event streams for bids, listings and sales

Would be easier to connect to a websocket and listen to new events for bids, listings and sales instead of querying the relevant APIs.

Return tx hash for relevant events in the Activity APIs

This data is saved in the Activities table, but not returned in the API, so should be simple.